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Into The Future - 'BOND & ESSEX'

Into The Future - 'BOND & ESSEX'

The second video, "BOND & ESSEX" (yet first to make) for my Collection launch was an absolute thrill to create. When hiring Jack Cook, co-founder of Plus Ultra, I knew that I had to create a video with his signature and infamous style, NEON; as it is the perfect touch for my theme of "from barre to bar." 



'BOND & ESSEX' is drastically different from 'Dear New York' as you all can see. I wanted to shock you, my audience and bring awareness that again, ballet does not have to be "pretty" nor do your outfits need to be. With that, I went beyond the night theme and decided to go futuristic with the video concept. 

Starting with the outfits, I wanted to create looks that weren't necessarily screaming "I'm a dancer." So I decided to give Bond, my limited edition leotard even more EDGE. Paired with vinyl thigh high boots and an insane 60 in floor length braid... I knew and felt like a whole new woman. A superwoman. When it was time to enter "the future", I paired Essex with rhinestoned fish net thigh highs, a clear rain coat, LED glasses, and an oily wet hair look. Not sure if it can get any cooler than that!  A huge thank you to my HMUAs Sharon Buryev and Ester Bova. Ester (hair stylist) and I have worked a couple times before hand and I knew I had to have her be a part of my launch process. She gave me that 60 inch braid that truly transformed my look to a whole other level!  They both were a dream team to have.

As for production, I didn't give much direction to Jack for this particular video because I knew that this was his forte. The only thing I wanted him to note were these few things: iconic NYC rooftop, Soho or Chinatown, and smoke. This actually was the first day I was meeting my whole production team and my on scene back up photographers whom I've never worked with before. Risky, some might say. But I'm always open to working and meeting with new people. I guess I was just blessed to have had a wonderful group that was easy and enjoyable to work with and to whom that I trust.

The first scene was taken on a rooftop in Brooklyn where we shot for 4 hours until dusk. Although it was a warm past fall season in NYC, this particular night was about 43-46 degrees... terrible. Once that beautiful sunset disappeared (as seen in the video), I was absolutely miserable trying to shoot in just my leotard. If you ask any of the guys on the production team, they can all tell you that I had a 15 min plank session in between takes to warm my body up.

After we wrapped our scene on the iconic rooftop, we traveled towards midtown where we shot around Rockefeller Center. Despite what you see in the campaign, I got kicked off each block I was filming at least 5 times by security guards and the NYPD. But safe to say we got the shots we needed! I remember feeling like an absolute super hero during these takes. Strutting on top of subway platforms, crossing the streets as I whip my hair back and forth, and just feeling like a total bada**. 

Switching on over to our futuristic part of the video, Essex was showcased down in the Financial District. Starting off by the Oculus, we shot by the pot hole of smoke to get that extra steamy effect. These last 3 hours were probably my favorite of the whole evening just because I was creating something entirely different from what I'm normally used to showcasing. Although I'm not sure what was more iconic, the steam or Jack roller blading to get all the awesome shots.

Regardless this video is one I'll remember forever. The process and the visual outcome went beyond my expectations. Cannot thank the men at Plus Ultra enough for making my vision come true. 


Made with love and fire,

Xx Candy



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